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Ticket Dashboard

How to use and read the Events (ticketing) dashboard

  1. Open your sites Admin Area, and Login
  2. On the left navigation bar, click the gauge icon to the right of the Events Label
  3. Up in the top right you can manipulate the date range which the graph and totals are shown for.
  4. The coloured blocks at the top are for the following (in the selected period):
    1. Tickets Sold - Total no of Heads tickets were sold for
    2. Tickets Booked - Total no of Heads tickets were booked for
    3. Tickets Used - Total no of Heads that were scanned in
    4. Booked / Used Ratio - % of tickets that were used
  5. The Graph bars represent the following on each day (hovering over a particular day shows the actual numbers)
    1. Blue Bar - Total headcount of Tickets sold (issued)
    2. Orange Bar - Total headcount of tickets booked
    3. Red Bar - Total headcount of tickets used (entered)
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