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Create a Form Layout

Create a Form Layout

A Layout is used when sending Form results via an email message. This is used to add a header and or footer to the content of the form, to make it fit in with the branding of your website. You can also include marketing messages and calls to action, etc in your Layout to promote certain things to people who are contacting you via the forms.

Create a Form Layout for Email

Please Note: Having multiple 'default' layouts for the same type can cause problems. Please check if a default layout already exists before creating another one.

  1. Login to Admin area
  2. Go to the Layouts section on the left menu bar
  3. Click the "Create Layout" button on top menu bar.
  4. Change the Layout Type to "Form"
  5. Drag a "Content Area" block on to the page builder (This will be replaced by the form result).
  6. Drag panels on top and bottom for header and footer
    1. Place a logo or name of your organisation into the top panel
    2. Place your contact details in the footer, and any other information you want included as part of the form result email.
  7. Click "Basic" button on top right
  8. Add "default" in the Tags field
  9. Click "Go Live" to save your new default layout

Edit / Update a Form Layout for Email

  1. Login to Admin area
  2. Go to the Layouts section on the left menu bar
  3. Open the layout with (form) in brackets after the name
  4. Edit the layout above and below the Content Area (Don't remove the Content area)+
  5. Click "Go Live" to save the changes
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