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Site Settings

In the site settings area is where you can control and add different sitewide information.

Add the following

Analytics & Tag Manager
This is where you can add your Google analytics and tag manager codes for your website.

Cart / Order Settings

  1. Add email address for the orders to be sent to.
  2. Add the invoice logo you want to use
  3. Email Rules -create rules around who receives certain information about specific items in an order
  4. Delivery method type allows you to have a specific name for the kind of Shipping
  5. Control what's being sent to customers
  6. Select the countries you deliver to.

Go Live Checklist
Check if your website is ready to go live.

Google Maps
If you are using Google maps or the Google Locator place your Google Map API key here.

Google reCaptcha
Want to use Google-captcha, place your site key and the secret key here.

Redirect Rules
Set up your page redirect rules here

Site Configuration
Add site-wide company information here -

Site Verification
Place your site verification keys here for Google, Bing and others

Theme Configuration
Choose your fonts and colour scheme & styles for your website here

Site Configuration
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