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Add Users to a User Group

Adding a user to a custom group is a great way to give certain people acces to information that is not for everyone.

Step 1 - If Needed, Create a User Group
  1. Login to your Udo website admin
  2. In the left menu click on Users and then User Groups 
  3. Click on the green New User Group button top left
  4. Name the group ( to easily identity)
  5. Click the Go live
Step 2 - Add a user to the User Group
  1. Login to your Udo website admin
  2. In the left menu click on Users and then User Groups
  3. Double click to open the User Group you wish to add users to
  4. While the User Group is open select Users in the left menu
  5. Search for the user you wish to add, then drag into the "Linked Items" area of the User Group and drop.
  6. To add multiple Users at hold down the (control key in Windows and the Command Key on MAC) and select users and then drag and drop into the "Linked Items" area.
  7. Click the Go Live button
Step 3 - Import user list into a User Group

NOTE: The file for importing must be a CSV or XLSX file and have the appropriate headings on the columns. The minimum headings for the CSV file are Name and Email. The integrity of your data is important to work properly, for example, an email address must be in the correct format.

  1. Login to your Udo website admin
  2. Select Users on the left menu
  3. Click on the blue import button in the top menu, and select either import from CSV for CSV files, or Import from Excel file for XLSX files
  4. Click on the Choose file button to and select the .csv or .xlsx file you want to upload.
  5. Select User from the drop down list labelled Type of Data to Import (if not already selected)
  6. Scroll down and click on the green "Next" button
  7. If your fields are matched incorrectly, adjust as required, then click on the green "Next Step" button
  8. Select the User Group you wish to import the users into from the drop down list.
  9. Click on the "Import Now" button
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