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Promo / Discount Codes

Promo codes offer you a way to give discounts to select users. These can be setup for the Cart Section in your Admin Area.

There are three main parts to the promo codes, the code that a customer will enter to receive the promotion, the Conditions and the Actions.

To create a simple code that works with all items:

  1. Login in to your Website Admin Area

  2. Navigate using the left bar to Promo codes (under Cart)

  3. Click the Green Plus Icon on the top toolbar to create a new Promo Code

  4. Enter a code that your customers will user during checkout

  5. Enter a name of the code so you know what the code is for

  6. Click the green Create button top right

  7. Click Change Rule button and select Always Allow. This allows the use of the promo code iin any shopping cart, you can create pre-requesite rules, like minimum items, or specific items in the cart by changing this.

  8. Click Add Action button and select % Discouint on all Items

  9. Enter your discount percentage.

  10. Click Save and then Go Live

You should now test this code in your shopping cart to make sure you see the discount reflected in the final step of the checkout where the customer would enter their credit cart number.

When you no longer want to allow customers to use this code (the promotion has ended), you can disable (pause) it, or delete the code all together to prevent customers from continuing to use this code.

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