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Content Filter Basics

Content filters are a great way to group content types and display them in Lists, Grids or Tiles.

When setting up the filters it is important to also include the different settings, see below. This explanation is for a site that already has the content filters setup for specific content.

On the page with the content filter please check the following:

  1. Open page

  2. Click on the pencil for Design mode

  3. Scroll down to Block - Content Filter and select (goes orange)

  4. On the blue toolbar above click on Layout Name and place "The Layout Slice Name" (Usually this is setup prior to going live)

  5. Also check the Filter to make sure it is calling the right information

  6. Then Go Live

  7. Check from the front end

By placing this Layout Name it takes on a specific style for the Articles section. Where there is a content filter sometimes we need to check the following areas to make sure they are the same as similar content.

Content Filter checks in the toolbar.

  • Layout Name

  • Filter setting

  • List, Grid, Tiled

NOTE:  When setting up a Content Filter you may need to first create a Layout Slice to display the content in a way that suits the look you want. If you need help with this please contact us.

Sorting Artworks

title - sort by artwork name
sorder - sort by sort order parameter
bldworkdate - sort by Work Date field
code - Stock code field
id - numeric id for product (most recently added always has highest id)

To sort descending (reversed) the field prefix must be prefixed with a - (dash/minus sign)
1 - to sort by largest sort order first, then by title for matching sort orders:
2 - Sort by latest work first
3 - Sort by work name
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