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Add User Groups

How to add a Custom Group

Adding a custom user group allows you to give certain privileges to customers via a login giving them access to specific information. Ideal for setting up intranets or client-specific information, different pricing levels etc.

Step 1 - Create a User Group
  1. Login to your Udo website admin
  2. In the left menu click on Users and then User Groups 
  3. Click on the green New User Group button top left to create new
  4. Name the group ( to easliy identify)
  5. Go lIve
Step 2 - Create a Folder
  1. Login to your Udo website admin
  2. In the left menu place the mouse over the Folder Box top left
  3. In the popup menu at the bottom click on the "Create New" link 
  4. Name the folder as you please 
  5. Select a Parent Folder that you want this folder to sit under
  6. Enter and folder alias (needs to be unique)
  7. Click on the Folder Permission button top left in slide out panel
  8. Select the user group you have just created in the Select User Group drop down list
  9. Scroll down to the bottom and select View on the following "Product - Multi-Size Group" "Product - Multi-Size Size List" and "Product - Individual Sizes", 
  10. Save
Step 3 - Create a Promo Code
  1. Login to your Udo website admin
  2. In the left menu click on Cart and then Promo Codes
  3. Name your promo code for easy identification
  4. Place in the code you wish to use
  5. Place note if needed
  6. Click on the Basic button top right (will cahnge to advanced.
  7. Scroll down to the JSON field
  8. Change the number on the first line "ugroup":624 to the new user group ID number you just created. Every item in the site has an ID number. It is the little number to the left of the items showing in the lists.
  9. Go Live
  10. Test from front end
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