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DNS Setup

If you purchase a domain via these settings are already configured for you.

Option A - Host your DNS with Udo

Udo can host your websites DNS records for the site, and if the only thing you are using on your domain is your Udo website. To do this we do require that you notify us of any existing services that are connected with your domain, so we can add the current DNS records to the Udo hosting platform, before delegating your domain to Udo.

To use this option you must delegate the DNS hosting to us via your DNS registration. Login to your DNS registrar, and find the Nameserver settings, and replace any existing records with the following:

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

Please Note: Please ensure we are notified of any existing services connected with your domain, before updating your nameservers (Eg. Office 365, G Suite, MailChimp, Email Servers, etc).

Option B - Host your DNS with a 3rd Party

You can host your own DNS, or host it via a 3rd party, (your domain registry, Office 365, etc). This gives you complete control of your domain, however, requires you add DNS records (and potentially update records in the future) for Udo.

Update (or add) your website A records as follows: (this change will make your new website live)

  • A
  • A

Additional records which are required immediately. (during staging/development of the website) These will need to remain in place after the site goes Live. Please add the following NS records:
(replace with your actual website address)

  • NS
  • NS  
  • NS
  • NS  

Please contact us to check the record are correct if you currently have a website with MODD, artsphere or Udo before changing records to the above value, as some existing customers are hosted with a slightly different configuration.

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