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Form Styles

Forms can have Multiple Styles

You can create as many different styles for the forms on your website as you want using the Form styles panel.

Foms styles2
Foms styles

Field Styles

  1. Field background colours
  2. Field Border Colours
  3. Border Width & Radius
  4. Background Colours
  5. Test Colour

Button Style

  1. Buton Background Colour
  2. Hover Colour
  3. Border Colour
  4. Border Hover
  5. Text Size
  6. Radius (on-off) & Size

Text Style

  1. Text Size, Hover State & Colour
  2. Link Hover State & Colour

Padding Style

Set the padding for the button, You can create different padding for different devices, i.e Desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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