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Create an Exhibition


It is very easy to add an exhibition to your website, past and present.


  1. Go to the menu item on the left-hand side, Exhibitions or Events/ Exhibitions
  2. Click on the Create Exhibition button or the + icon in the top grey bar.
  3. Enter the details of the exhibition.  The more details you enter, the more details people have to find this page:
    1. Title (Name of Page)
    2. Summary (Will appear on the Exhibition Page)
    3. Titlebar (Mete Tag - Text you wish to have displayed in the web browser title bar when visiting this resource)
    4. Tags (Leave blank unless using in conjunction with a content filter)
    5. Dates (Dates Exhibition will run)
  4. Under Linked Items this is where you will add your feature image and any Artworks that will be in the exhibition that you won’t on your site.
    1. You can do this in 2 different ways, you can Create the Feature Image and Works, or Add them if they are already uploaded to the site.
  5. To create a Feature Image refer to “How to add Images” and to create a new Artwork, refer to Add an Artwork.
  6. You can easily Add the feature image if it is already on the website by clicking on the yellow Add button, select Feature work and selecting the image or by dragging the image into the White box below Exhibitions and make sure it is marked as Feature image.  The same goes for Art Works.
  7. The Exhibitions you enter will show up under the Exhibition Menu if you have this set up already on your site and it is enabled (Refer to Pages, Exhibitions to see this).
  8. The exhibitions are sorted by Date and will be posted under present or past depending on the date of the exhibition.
  9. Once entered you can view this on your website to ensure it looks the way you wish it to. Go to the menu item on the left-hand side, Exhibitions
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