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How to add videos to your Udo website

There are three options for adding videos to your Udo website.
All videos are stored in the video section of the admin area. Click on the video tab in the left menu to view.

Option 1: Adding video by dragging and dropping

  1. Login to your Udo website admin
  2. Open the page where your video will be displayed.
  3. Go to Youtube or Vimeo and drag the video thumbnail and drop into the page target area where you want to place the video.
  4. Make sure that the video you dropped displays correctly.
  5. Click on the go live button on the top right to publish.
  6. To view all videos, click on the video tab in the left menu. All videos are uploaded to this section. 

Once uploaded there will be a new tab opened for the video where you can rename, put summary and place tags if required. Naming the video is important for easy identification.

Option 2: Adding video by URL

  1. Login to your Udo website admin
  2. Click on the video tab in the left menu.
  3. Click on the New Video button on the top left.
  4. Naming the video in the title field.
  5. Open a Youtube or Vimeo video that you want to add, and copy the URL from the address bar of your browser. 
  6. Come back to the admin area and paste the URL you just copied to URL field and click go live on the top right.
  7. Re-open the video and check if it displays correctly in the preview area below.
  8. Drag the video you just created into wherever you want
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