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Product Photograph Helper

The Udo Product Photograph helper module streamlines your workflow, automatically matching the photos of your product via a QR Code, to your product. If you are interested in this module, please get in touch.

New products (not yet on Udo)

Step 1 - Preparation
  1. Login to your Udo website admin area
  2. Go to the product section
  3. On the top toolbar, next to the export button, select 'Generate product codes'
  4. In the tab that opens, enter the number of products you intend to add today.
  5. Click 'Reserve Now'
  6. Download the spreadsheet (csv file) of new product codes ready to populate with your product information.
  7. Download the printable stickers (pdf file) and print out on to stickers. These stickers contain a unique QR code that will match to the product codes in your spreadsheet.
  8. Stick your stickers on to each product item you are adding to your Udo website, in an inconspicous place (inside, or on the back/bottom, so its not visible in the final photographs).
  9. Open the downloaded spreadsheet (csv file) ready to add product details.
Step 2 - Photoshoot
  1. Pick a product to add.
  2. Find the spreadsheet row with the code found on the sticker of the item your have selected.
  3. Add the product infomation to this row.
  4. Take a Photograph of the sticker with QR Code in focus
  5. Photograph the Product without the sticker visible. (one or many images).
  6. Repeat this process (steps 1-5) for each product.

Photoshoot Notes:

  • The first photograph taken after the code will end up as the main product image. 
  • Delete any bad photos from your camera to save uploading them, finding and deleting them later.
Step 3 - Upload
  1. Go back to your Udo website admin area, on the top menu click the 'Import' but, select your csv file, and select type of product your uploading.
  2. Click the next button.
  3. Ensure the fields are matching the row headings, make any corrections as required.
  4. Click the next button.
  5. Click start import.
  6. Close the import window.
  7. Download photos from your camera to your computer.
  8. (optional) If you need to make any touch ups to your photos, do this now. While doing this do not rename any image, or edit or remove the pictures of the QR code stickers.
  9. Go back to Udo, click Import.
  10. Select the 'Photoshoot with QR Coded Labels/Tags' option
  11. Drag ALL images taken today, onto the 'Drop Files here...' area. This will then detect the QR coded image, and name the subsequent images correctly, and link them to the product for you.
  12. Sit back and watch the magic happen, once the upload is complete, your all done.
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