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Link an Image to an Item

How to link an image

Linking an image or a banner to an item within your website is easy to do. In otherwords you could link your image to a page, product, news in your website or even an external link to another website. 

For example, you may have a slider on your homepage that you would like to link each image/banner of the slide to another page within your website. This can be done on most images in pages.

In Admin go to the page where images are i.e homepage

  • Open page
  • Click on the Design icon in the tool bar (should be blue, see below)
  • Select the image you're wanting to link to something (page, product, category, news etc)
  • The selected image should show orange outline highlight all around it, see image below
Image linking
  • Click on the "Link to" icon and in the drop-down click on the "Link to item" 
  • This will open up all the items in the CMS where you can either search or scroll and select item (pages Finance), see image below
Image linking2
  • Then Go Live to save
  • Test if works from front end of site
  • All Done
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