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Biography Table Convertor

New Method (Udo Version May 2020 onwards)

Built into the Udo page editor is a tool to easily convert your biography to a table structure. To use this follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your website admin
  2. Go to Content -> Pages section from the left menu
  3. Open (edit) the page you wish to add your Biography to
  4. Go to design mode 
  5. Click on a content area (plus button) where you want to add your table data
  6. Click the more button, and select the Table (from Content Tab)
  7. In the table floating toolbar, click the three dots menu, then select Import Table Data
  8. Switch tabs to Biography
  9. Copy and Paste your biography into the text box
  10. Click the Green Import Button.
  11. Edit Table as required (formatting, links etc)
  12. Save your page (Green Go Live button)

You can add and remove rows in your biography table from the floating Table toolbar, and also format the text.


Old Method (Udo Version before May 2020 )

To reformat text into a table (for e.g. biography with a listing by date) you can use the source code provided below to do this.


  1. Copy the text you wish to convert into a table
  2. Paste the data into the box below labelled INPUT BIOGRAPHY LIST
  3. Click on the button Convert To HTML
  4. Copy all the text that appears in the box below the button OUTPUT (HTML) BIOGRAPHY LIST
  5. Go to the page you wish these details to appear (e.g. About page)
  6. Paste the information into a Text Block (if you are replacing data, override the existing data by highlighting it and click paste).
  7. Click OK.
  8. Check the data on your live site to see if you are happy with the way this now appears.
Input Biography List
Convert To HTML
Output (HTML) Biography List
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