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Scheduled Events - Date Math

Some dates are returned as a Date object that can be manipulated by the template language. Examples Below:

  1. Get Date 1 week before as 9:30 AM
    $( < period.P7D,time.PT9H30M)

  2. Get Date 2 days after at 4PM on a weekday
    $( > period.P2D,time.PT4H,weekday)

  3. Get a Date 1 month later
    $( > period.P1M)

  4. Get cl;oses weekday (from today searching forwards)
    $( > weekday)

  5. Get closes weekday (from today searching backwards) at 3PM
    $( < time.PT3H,weekday)

You can only retrieve interactive dates from ImmixTypeCourse at this stage

$(course:1 > date.start < period.P7D,weekday)
Get a course, get start date, and go back 7 days to the nearst weekday.

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