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How to Accept Payments via Square

1. Register for Square Account

You will need a square account, you can use your exisitng square account or sign for a new one.

2. Create an application

  1. Log in to the Square Developers Console at
  2. Click the grey plus to create a new application
  3. Enter Udo Website as the application name and click next
  4. Check Payments and click next
  5. Select Individual and click next

Don't share your AIP credentials with anyone.

3. Add PayPal REST keys to your Udo Website

  1. Log in to your Udo Website Admin
  2. Navigate to the Payment Gateways section, found under the Cart section in the left menu
  3. Open the Square item
  4. Update the api details from your square developer dashboard (please note: be carefule to not copy & paste extra puncuation or spaces)
  5. Click Go Live.

Testing the gatway

You can use the test card number 4111 1111 1111 1111 with any future card expiry, any 5 digit zip code, and any 3 digit cvn number.

More test card numbers can be found in the square documentation

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