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Creating a Voucher via Promo Codes

Please Note there are severe limitations to doing vouchers this way:

  • If a code contains an amount greather than the cart total, you will have to manually issue a new code for the remainder of the balance.
  • Codes need to be manually created by a human
  • If a refund for the purchase of a voucher/gift card is made, you must manually delete the corresponding promo code before it can be used.

Creating a Promo Code for a fixed amount

  1. Navigate to your Admin Area, and Login
  2. In the left menu, open Marketing, and select Promo Codes
  3. Click the Create Button (Plus button on top grey toolbar)
  4. Enter a code that the customer will use to redeem the value, you need to make this almost impossible for customers to guess, IE dont use 100, then 101, then 102, etc or a customer could try and use the next number in the sequence, and use someone elses code. Please Note: avoice using zero, oh, one, I, and L in codes where its not clear which one is intended, this makes it easier for customers to enter the code.
  5. Enter a title for your code so you can keep track of it, you could use the customer name, when it was purcahsed and value, eg (John Smith - $100 - Dec 2022)
  6. Click the Blue Create and Edit Button
  7. (Optional) Enter any notes about this code, could be order number, contact phone number, etc.
  8. Enter the tag single-use in the tags field. Make sure it turns into a pill, not just text (pressing enter or space after entering the tag, will ensure this)
  9. Click the Change Rule button, and select Always Allow (note: you can restrict what items can be purchased when using the code by using a different rule here, if required)
  10. Click the Add Action button, and select Fixed $ Discount on all items
  11. Update the amount field after the dollar symbol to the voucher amount.
  12. Click the green Save button, and click Go Live

Now you will need to communicate this code to your customer.

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