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Add an External Link to an event

Add an External Link to an event

To add a external link is really easy. And the best part is there is no programming or styling required. 

See below

Adding an external link
  1. Create a link
    1. When logged in as Admin go to the menu item on the left-hand side ‘Links’
    2. Click on Create Links (green button at the top)
    3. Enter the link next to Title and URL (or you can give it a different title)
  2. Open Events from the menu on the left-hand side
    1. Double click on the event you wish the link to be attached to and leave open
    2. Open up the links item in the left menu
    3. Find the link you wish to add to this event 
    4. Click on the link and drag it into the box under Linked Items
  3. If the External Link is to Book and there is a Book/Book Now button the link should automatically be attached, but this can be tested by going live and checking the link is working on the live site.

Video coming soon...

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