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How to add a User on your Udo website

Adding a User is a great way to keep a record of all contacts including but not exclusively customers and staff.  This area is for every contact the site needs to know about.

Step 1 - Create a User

  1. Login to your Udo website admin
  2. In the left menu click on Users 
  3. Click on the green Create User button top left to create new
  4. Enter the details of the contact for all information required in the metadata section up the top (Email, Name, Password, Phone etc)
  5. Click on green button labelled Add New Address
  6. A pop up window will appear asking for and selection boxes at the end, tick the items that are relevant.
  7. Once data has been entered click on the green save button on the top left of the form
  8. You can then add the user to forms, groups etc by clicking on the yellow button under the title Linked Items and selecting the items you wish to link them to.  A box will appear to with a listing of the selections that can be linked.
  9. If the correct selection is not available then this will need to be set up.  You can either do this by clicking on the green Create button next to the Add button or by using the menu to the left of the screen (refer to & I for more details
  10. Hit the green Go Live button in the top right hand corner of the screen
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